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Dan Savage’s Story & his It Gets Better Channel

Dan talks about his personal experience with LGBT bullying and encourages viewers that as bad as it is, it will get better. By creating the It Gets Better YouTube channel, not only does Dan Savage and other celebrities give hope to followers, but millions of people are able to upload their own personal stories to the site, spreading the same message. From college students to employees of big time companies such as Facebook, Google and Apple, the channel lets everyone participate in motivating and inspiring young LGBT students- high school and junior high- to push through all the harassment because the future is brighter. A reported 14% of high school students consider suicide each year because of the bullying, and the internet and technology allow people to open their arms to those struggling victims across the country and promise them they are not alone.

Dan Savage

Adam Lambert

Derek & James


Google Chrome Commercial for It Gets Better

Emphasizes how powerful technology is in making a difference in LGBT bullying issues by displaying the different media forms used to address the matter. The web is truly what you make of it.

Think Before You Speak

Due to the high reported rates of students feeling unsafe in their school environment due to LGBT harassment, the Think Before You Speak ad campaign has worked with influential celebrity figures to take a stand against verbal bullying and derogatory language. Although this offensive language is often targeted directly at homosexuals and transgenders, it is even more commonly found being used in completely irrelevant contexts. Phrases such as “that’s so gay” are frequently used by teens to describe anything and everything unfavorable. The phrase has crept into the everyday language and conveyed in such a negative  light that it becomes offensive and cruel. These phrases are used so carelessly and routinely that what is actually being said is often overlooked. Although the intent may not be to harass or disrespect LGBT individuals, it certainly is unconsciously communicated. The Think Before You Speak campaign has created great commercials geared to these issues.





       I am focusing on the capability technology and social media have to make an impact on (and even save) the lives of others via networking sites. I specifically want to focus on LGBT bullying issues and how inspiring individuals have been able to use the internet and reach out to victims suffering from this form of abuse. In addition to networking sites, many commercials have been televised in order to take a stand against these issues, as well. It is evident that many forms of media are being used today to show support towards LGBT and spread awareness through our society. I feel like everyone should become more aware of this and it is clear that, through technology, this awareness is becoming more prominent.
      The most general question discussed in class was whether the uprise of digital media in today’s culture has had positive or negative effects. As can be see with the LGBT activists who have initiated social change through social media, technology has the ability to stir a movement and make a difference in peoples lives. Thus, it certainly has the capability to produce positive effects. Technology allows messages to be broadcasted to a mass audience with ease and effectiveness, and the LGBT campaigns that now have huge numbers of followers and supporters are a prime example of this.

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